MedCrunch covers GeckoCap’s vision to “Make Pediatric Asthma Therapy Fun”

Ido Weinberg, a Harvard Med instructor and a vascular medicine fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, wrote a recent article on MedCrunch that described GeckoCap as a way to improve the management of asthma in children.

“Asthma is a controllable disease, yet millions of children are hospitalized every year. Leading the trend towards self-management, GeckoCap, a unique, mobile-connected product created by a physician and engineer from MIT , presented last week at the International consumer Electronics Show in Las-Vegas.This Cambridge, MA based start-up company, follows the approach of empowering patients, especially children. The idea is to have children feel they are playing a game while they are actually being treated better.”

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MedGadget features GeckoCap as a way to “Help Parents Make Sure Their Asthmatic Kids Are Using Inhalers”

Medgadget, a weblog depicting the latest medical technologies on an international basis, featured Gecko in an article illustrating our strategies which support parental efforts to sustain consistent medication adherence in their children.

“Kids being kids, its hard to make sure they take their medicine when parents are not around. Yet, forgetting to do so can put asthmatic children at risk of a severe attack. A new indiegogo campaign is now raising money to fund the production of a smart system that can provide precise data about when a breathalyzer is used.”

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The Huffington Post featured GeckoCap as one of the Best Gadgets of CES 2013


Last week our booth at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, located in the Eureka Park startup pavilion, was visited by Jason Gilbert, a technology columnist at The Huffington Post.

Jason was interested in GeckoCap, our solution to asthma non-adherence in children.

Following our introduction, Jason named GeckoCap as one of the Best Gadgets of CES 2013.

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Wallstreet’s Marketwatch names GeckoCap as one of the 10 Quirkiest Gadgets of CES 2013


CES 2013 was a phenomenal experience. We met lots of startups with unseen technologies that aimed to better society. Wallstreet’s MarketWatch posted an article depicting GeckoCap as one of the 10 Quirkiest Gadgets at the show, referring to products that “…meld peculiarity and innovation”.

“One in 10 kids has asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and kids are more likely than adults to have an attack.

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