MedGadget features GeckoCap as a way to “Help Parents Make Sure Their Asthmatic Kids Are Using Inhalers”

Medgadget, a weblog depicting the latest medical technologies on an international basis, featured Gecko in an article illustrating our strategies which support parental efforts to sustain consistent medication adherence in their children.

“Kids being kids, its hard to make sure they take their medicine when parents are not around. Yet, forgetting to do so can put asthmatic children at risk of a severe attack. A new indiegogo campaign is now raising money to fund the production of a smart system that can provide precise data about when a breathalyzer is used.”

“Called GeckoCaps, the little tops sit right on the inhaler and have a little switch inside that is activated when the inhaler is used. Every activation of the switch is recorded, and when a GlowCap finds itself within range of a paired Bluetooth device, it automatically sends its data to cloud storage. Parents can then check the history of when their kids used the inhaler, and if they can convince the kids’ teachers to pair their phones to the GlowCaps, they can get regular updates right from the classroom. Moreover, the devices are powered by a small coin cell battery that promises to run the device for up to eight months, making it completely independent from any intervention by the parents in terms of charging or data transfer.”

The original article can be found here.

Geckocap is a better method to manage your child’s asthma medication. Find out more here

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