The Boston Children’s Hospital Blog features a post by GeckoCap co-founder Yechiel Engelhard

The founder of GeckoCap, Yechiel Engelhard, posted on the Boston Children’s Hospital Blog describing GeckoCap, future company visions, and a few takeaways from the Healthbox Accelerator Program which can be found below.

U.S News and World Report ranks the Boston Children’s Hospital #1 in 7 of 10 evaluated specialties.

  • “The value of focus groups

We knew our end users before going into the program, but we had not yet fully tested their specific needs and how our product could best fulfill them. We worked with one of Healthbox’s mentor groups, Continuum, to execute focus groups that brought us into structured conversations with our end users: children and parents. The sessions gave us a deeper understanding of the challenges families face in managing asthma. For example, we realized that children often forget to take their medicine because it is “boring,” so we improved our game layer to make it more compelling—and our product more complete.”

  • “Seek health care mentors for navigational help

The health care industry is complex and fragmented, and reaching out to the different players can be an endless effort. Conversations with industry experts and mentors, facilitated by Healthbox, helped us recognize the partnerships we would need to build a sustainable system. For example, it was crucial to receive input from payers, pharmaceutical companies and large health care providers like Boston Children’s Hospital. Naomi Fried, chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s, helped us make additional connections to the hospital’s leaders and business decision-makers and get input from respiratory clinicians so we could better understand their needs. Naomi’s advice helped us to navigate between clinicians and the separate world of hospital administrators to design pilots to test GeckoCap.”

  • “Consider crowd funding

Through the accelerator program, we were also able to connect with investment mentors that could look at GeckoCap and our business model and offer best practices for making it a more marketable and viable product. We successfully launched a fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo, a popular crowd-funding platform that gives consumers a chance to make donations and pre-order a product. In addition to funding, we received feedback that has provided more insights into our end users’ needs—and validation from prospective customers, which we’ve been able to share with our current and potential investors and business partners.”

Read the article in its entirety here

Geckocap is a better method to manage your child’s asthma medication. Find out more here

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