Interview with the CEO of Geckocap

The following is an interview that Yechiel Engelhard, Geckocap’s founder, gave a few days ago. Check it out!

Tell us about your start-up? How did you come up with the name for your company?

Our product is called GeckoCap. We really love the name because we think it tells our story well.  GeckoCap is a versatile smart sensor fitted in a small colored cap that can help children gain more control over their asthma. So on the one hand, it is a cap; just like the name implies. On the other hand, it has something fun associated with it. The Gecko. Yup. We (and the first kids that helped us build it) really like Geckos. What can I say!

GeckoCap is a combination of a smartphone / web application and an external sensor that is easily added to asthma inhalers. This makes it simpler for children to adhere to their inhalers and helps with asthma management. GeckoCap uses a multifaceted approach by combining different behaviour change mechanisms, such as a gamification system, progress updates, and rewards. Parents and physicians are always kept in the loop. They are offered a rich platform with information that is useful and easy to digest, and they are even part of the game.

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New research shows that asthmatic children view symptoms differently than their parents

A recent U.S study featured by Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology researched the opinions asthmatic children had regarding their symptoms as opposed to their parents. Results showed there is quite a differential in perspective and thus “it is critical to obtain information from both parties in the evaluation of children with asthma”.

The report abstract can be found here.

Geckocap is a better method to manage your child’s asthma medication. Find out more here

A Markets and Markets report on the potential growth of the gamification market

This report, by Markets and Markets, depicts the potential growth of the world gamification industry which is expected to see gains from a current $421.3 Million to $5.5 Billion in 2018.

The report summary can be found here while the actual report can be downloaded here for a fee.

Geckocap is a better method to manage your child’s asthma medication. Find out more here