What are parents worried about? Health Problems and Health Concerns for Children

An interesting report carried out in July 26th, 2012 by Jane M. Garbutt, et al, from Washington University School of Medicine surveyed parents in order to determine the most prominent parental concerns regarding children.

Parents were given 30 different items as health problems and rated them as “large, medium, small or no problem”. Results showed that allergies (69%), lack of exercise (68%), and asthma (65%) were the most significant concerns (rated large or medium).

“Patient-centered care requires pediatricians to address parents’ health concerns, but their willingness to solicit parental concerns may be limited by uncertainty about which topics will be raised. The authors conducted surveys of parents to identify current health-related issues of concern.”

Methods Participants rated 30 items as health problems for children in their community (large, medium, small, or no problem) and volunteered concerns for their own children.”

Results A total of 1119 parents completed the survey. Allergies (69%), lack of exercise (68%), asthma (65%), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (65%), Internet safety (63%), obesity (59%), smoking (58%), and bullying (57%) were identified as important problems (large or medium) with variation among demographic subgroups. Concerns for their own children included healthy nutrition; obesity; lack of exercise, healthy growth and development; safety and injury prevention; and mental health issues.”

Conclusion Parents’ health concerns for children are varied and may differ from those routinely addressed during well-child care.”

Check out the report abstract here.

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