The Dynamic Market of Gamification


Source: Business Insider

Until the fairly recent widespread usage of consumer technology, the industry of gamification has been underdeveloped. While experts debate on the current maturity of the industry, they agree it has been anything but dormant, especially in the past few years. The market has been one of the most attractive for start-ups and even large multinational corporations.

A recent report on the gamification market was published by Business Insider. The report, accessed with a trial or subscription, outlines important points including the projected sharp growth in valuation from 400-500 million to close to 3 billion in 2016 and the projected 70% adoption rate of gamification apps by Global 2000 Companies in 2014

“Gamification, or the use of game elements to promote desired behaviors among customers and employees, has been a popular business strategy for decades. Loyalty programs, cereal box prizes, employee-of-the-month schemes, hidden tokens within video games and applications — these are all examples.

“But the always-on mobile age has vastly expanded opportunities for gamification. Integration with social networks means these experiences are shared with friends, acquaintances and co-workers. A smartphone-carrying employee or consumer might be drawn into a gamified experience at any time, wherever they are.”

“In fact, gamification represents the fusion of four trends: the explosion of social media usage, the mobile revolution, the rise of big data, and the emergence of wearable computing. Already, marketers, enterprises, and even governments are using gamification to achieve and expand their goals.”

“In a new report from BI Intelligence on the mobile gamification, we take a look at the overall market for gamification tools, services, and applications, analyze the elements that are critical to a winning gamification strategy, look at the various typology of mobile gamification uses, and detail how to quantify the impact of gamification tactics.”

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