TEDMED Features Gecko Health in its Blog


TEDMED, a platform for sharing health related ideas and innovative solutions, recently featured the Geckocap in a blog post. The article focused on companies using data and monitoring techniques to help adolescents suffering from chronic or temporary health issues. The following companies were discussed in the article: Kinsa, an oral thermometer coupled with the technical prowess of a smartphone, Nonoly, a chemical making vaccine refrigeration obsolete allowing medicine to travel easily to rural areas and our very own Gecko Health Innovations.

Medication adherence is such an integral part of healthcare management that it is important to establish such habits at early ages, thus potentially creating a lifetime of medication self-management.

Move over, plastic stethoscopes: A number of innovations from TEDMED Hive 2013 companies aim to help even the littlest patients become engaged in their own real-life care.

Kinsa makes an oral thermometer that leverages the crowdsourcing power of a smart phone. The thermometer plugs into and transmits data to a free smartphone app – iOS now, but Android as well in the future – which also records and tracks symptoms and temps for easy retrieval at a pediatrician’s office. What’s more, the next phase of the product will provide crowd sourced data from social networks to allow parents to see what’s going on in a child’s neighborhood or school. Strep going around? Lice? Better act now.

The company is focusing first on tracking childhood ills, because mothers are the primary users of thermometers, says Kinsa deputy CEO Qian Qian Tang, and because children are prime carriers of highly contagious diseases like flu, whooping cough and measles.

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Playful Meme Features GeckoCap in its Blog

Yaniv Corem, CEO and founder of Playful Meme, a design and consulting firm, recently covered GeckoCap in a blog post about asthma control and adherence.

Asthma Attack / Etgar Keret (Translated from Hebrew by Miriam Shlesinger)

When you have an asthma attack, you can’t breathe. When you can’t breathe, you can hardly talk. To make a sentence all you get is the air in your lungs. Which isn’t much. Three to six words, if that. You learn the value of words. You rummage through the jumble in your head. Choose the crucial ones–those cost you, too. Let healthy people toss out whatever comes to mind, the way you throw out the garbage. When an asthmatic says “I love you,” and when an asthmatic says “I love you madly,” there’s a difference. The difference of a word. A word’s a lot. It could be “stop,” or “inhaler.” It could be “ambulance.”

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The Boston Business Journal features GeckoCap in their new article: “Mobile health IT firms face greater FDA scrutiny.


Julie M. Donnelly, Health Care reporter for the Boston Business Journal, wrote a recent article about the scrutiny mobile health IT firms face from the FDA. GeckoCap was featured in this article which discussed the impending obstacles it will need to overcome on its pathway to regulation and production.

Yechiel Engelhard and Mark Maalouf are two local entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of mobile health care. They are also in the crosshairs of impending FDA regulation.”

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Healthworks Collective’s new series “Health Start-Ups” featured GeckoCap in its article “20 Cool Health Start-Ups”

Healthworks Collective, “a community for international healthcare”, recently began a new series called “Health Start-Ups. The launch article featured “20 Cool health Start-Ups” including GeckoCap. The article was written by Joan Justice, the senior curator for Healthworks Collective.

Check out the article here.

Geckocap is a better method to manage your child’s asthma medication. Find out more here

Modern Healthcare features GeckoCap in an article about healthcare software.

Modern Healthcare, the “#1 source of news and information for the healthcare industry”, posted an article about healthcare technology software that featured GeckoCap.

“Also this week in wireless gadgetry, displaying through Friday at the Hive, a showcase for entrepreneurs at the TEDMed conference in Washington, is GeckoCap, a device-, cloud- and game-based technology to promote compliant use of an asthma inhaler among children.”

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Digital Pharma features GeckoCap in an article regarding technology and patient adherence

Digital Pharma, a community of conferences aimed at healthcare improvement, posted an article connecting technology and patient adherence, which also featured GeckoCap. The Digital Pharma Blog showcased new technology aimed at increasing adherence and overcoming medication forgetfulness.

“Do you often find yourself asking a loved one “did you remember to take your medicines today?” Maybe it even slipped your mind to take that daily medication prescribed by your own physician.”

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